Saddlery - ABC Prato


Our focus is always aimed at you: passion and originality lead us to provide successful solutions to optimise your production process. Here you are our products for those producing saddles.

Evolution of C06 series: same dimension, but more drawers. It's perfect for store not only cutting-dies, but also lots of accessories and components: big or small thread spools, cutting-blades and stampings.

Put here all small or big cutting-dies to be archived. Keep the dies series in a tidily and rational way over time, preserving their integrity. Thanks to its height you'll gain space in the factory.

Perfect solution for handling of leather in the factory. It differs from the others leather horse trolleys for its ergonomic structure. The shelf at waist height is functional as a deposit.

Workbench with shelves in melamine, perfect for the various work stages in the factory.