PERSEO – Automatic warehouse

PERSEO is a special Vertical Automatic Warehouse System. It manages and stores each articles in a safety and single way, without efforts for the operator. Perseo is a great storage solution for all those companies which have a dynamic production.

Untill today, we have developed Perseo for these following application:

  • Storage Management of moulds (molds) for soles
  • Storage Management of lasts for shoes
  • Storage Management of accessories for leather goods


  • Space-Saving
    It grows up vertically, in height and it can be placed also outside the factory.
  • Time-Saving With Speed Picking/Deposit
    PERSEO is equipped with two or more bays for loading/unloading. When the operator is picking up or placing an article into a bay, PERSEO, at same time, has the ability to provide to him a new article into the other bay not in use.
  • Matrix Deposit
    For moulds, PERSEO gets and saves the empty spaces produced by the difference of height of moulds.
  • Store Management Of Articles Separately, In Single Way
    It eliminates the possibility of a wrong picking done by the operator.
  • Heating Unit
    The ability to heat the moulds for P.U. can really be an important advantage.
  • Precision Counting Scale
    The integration of one or more scales into Perseo Warehouse System eliminates errors of accessories’ pickings. It prevents also wrong deposit of them.
  • Customized Measures
    All our Warehouse Systems have been developed according and meeting specific needs of each customer.
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