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ABC Equipment & Technology

Luigi Catalano

Luigi, the project developer

C.B.C. srl is an Italian company of mechanical engineering that, with its brand ABC Equipment & Technology, has an experience since 1994.

We take care of design, development, manufacturing and marketing of equipments and technologies mainly for the leather and footwear industry around the world.

Our focus is constantly aimed at the customer: passion and originality lead us to provide successful solutions to optimise the production process.

For over 10 years, the presence of ABC Equipment & Technology has increased in National and International markets. We can really be proud of this achievement, thanks also to our participation every year at events and trade fairs all over the world, as SMAC and SIMAC Tanning Tech in Italy, and IILF and AFMEC in India.

Comparing and sharing ideas with our customers have always been our priority. Over time, it allowed us to research and design new solutions until recognise the truly benefits in the industry.

We customize not only simple products, like workbenches and horse trolleys, but also automatic machinery, as PERSEO, our storage warehouse system.


All users confirm that our stated objectives have really been achieved:

  • Improving safety in your factory
  • Reducing your processing time
  • Working in a rational way
  • Ensuring the quality Made in Italy

The horizontal cabinet C06 was the first equipment we designed with the specific aim to improve management of cutting-dies in production department in Italy and abroad.

Resolution and willingness to embrace all those ignored needs, so common but never noted before, allowed us to develop innovative systems to manage:

  • Moulds in soles factories
  • Shoes lasts in footwear factories
  • Accessories and components in leather factories

With the hope of sharing and walk the future together through new ideas and projects we’ll continue to…

Never look back and stop at the already done, but keep an eye on the many, many things still to do.
G. B. Mazzoni